Tap Bolts

Tap Bolts are similar to hex bolts in every way except Hex Tap Bolts are always Fully Threaded and manufactured to be inserted through holes and secured with a nut and torquing the head of the hex tap bolt

Hex Tap bolts don't form their own mating inner threads. Apart from the automobile repair business, they are employed in many different uses such as attaching motors to machines and in conjunction with pulleys to correct belt tension. Along with a hex head, tap bolts have a washer bearing surface under the head of the bolt. Thus, they are extremely similar to and many times called Fully Threaded Hex Bolts and also Fully Threaded Hex Cap Screws. 

Jet Fitting offers right-handed thread Hex Tap Bolts, which are typically going to be Coarse Thread (UNC). Being fully threaded allows Hex Tap Bolts to cover a large range material thickness levels. Like Hex Cap Screws, Hex Tap Bolts also have a chamfered point to prevent damage to the object being mated to, thus safeguarding the 

Common sizes include 1/4" into 1" in diameter while spans span from approximately 1/2" to 9-1/2". Length is measured from the  under-head washer surface to the threaded end of the bolt.

The Hex Head Tap Bolt needs to be long enough to permit at least 2 full threads to show past the nut face following full tightening of the hex head and the nut, which ensures complete thread involvement with all the nut. Possessing many threads inside the clasp (the area between the nut and head), as is true for tap bolts, ends in a more "springier" bolt. It's also suggested that threads not be along the shear plane(s).

The dimensions of the head varies with the dimensions of this tap bolt. Because the bolt is wrenched, adequate space is required to torque a hex socket or wrench. Always ensure you are using a nut of a similar grade of steel or one grade higher than the tap bolt.

Jet Fitting offers the following materials and grades:

  • Grade 8 with Plain and Zinc Yellow Finishes
  • Grade 5 with Plain, Zinc, and Zinc Yellow  Finishes
  • A307 Grade A Low Carbon Steel with Plain, Hot Dip Galvanized, and Zinc finishes
  • A2 Stainless Steel (18-8)

Usually, it is recommended to use SAE hardened flat washers with hex tap bolt grades 5 and grades 8. If you prefer to use a lockwasher, then it is recommended to use regular Split Lock Washers (helical spring) for A307 Grade A Hex Tap Bolts and higher strength alloy steel split lockwahsers for Grades 8 and 5.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations concerning bolt reuse, thread lubricants/locking substances and torque values.

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