Engineered Fastening

We provide solutions for more complex applications. Our engineered products speed your production, increase reliability and help to streamline your manufacturing process. This is accomplished by the use of integrated tooling and fasteners designed to the exacting standards demanded by our customers. For more information on how we can increase the effectiveness of your fastening systems, email us or give us a call at 714.558.9381. We look forward to satisfying all your fastener needs!

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Speed Fastening
Magazine loaded repetitive fastening system. 
Briv, Chobert, Rivscrew (combines the speed placement of a rivet with the removability of a screw), Avlug, Avtronic, Grovit
Avdel Cherry Textron

Breakstem Rivets
Blind Rivets, Aluminum Rivets, Steel rivets, Stainless Steel Rivets, Tri-Fold Rivets, Dome Peel Rivets, Large Flange Dome Rivets, Plastic Rivets, N Rivet, Closed End, Avex, Stavex, Bulbex, Avinox II, Avibulb, Cherrymate, T-Lok
Avdel Cherry Textron - Gesipa - Huck - Olympic - Marson - POP

Structural Rivets
Blind Rivets, Monobolt Rivet, Q Rivet, Klamptite Rivet, T Rivet, Interlock Rivet, Hemlok Rivet
Avdel Cherry Textron - Gesipa - Huck - Olympic - Marson - POP

Structural Fastening
Steel Lockbolts, Aluminum Lockbolts, Collars, Maxlock, Avdelok, Avtainer, Avtainer II
Avdel Cherry Textron - Huck

Blind Threaded Inserts
Rivnut (Flat, Countersunk, Closed End, Keyed, Ribbed Shank), Nutsert, AT, AET, DL, AL, AEL Insert, DK AK, AEK Insert, Hexsert, AEH, TSN (Thin Sheet Nutsert), AO, AEO, Large Flange TSN (LF-TSN), Maxtite, Blind Threaded Studs, Eurosert,  Squaresert, Supersert, Riv-nut
Atlas Engineering - Avdel - AVK - Bollhoff - BF Goodrich

Self Clinching Fasteners
Self Clinching Nuts, Studs (Flush Head, High Torque, Thin Sheet, Concealed Head), Standoffs (Grounding, Slide-Top, Unthreaded Thru-Hole, Spring-Top), Floating Fasteners, Broaching Type Fasteners, Spring-Top Standoffs, Panel Fasteners with Captive Screws, Miniature, Self-Locking, Flush, Weld Nuts
Captive - Pem (Non Authorized Distributor)

Floor Screws
Fastening systems for the transport industry, the SFS intec floor fastening system enables fast, efficient, ergonomic assembly of wooden floors to metal cross members in one operation with no pre drilling. For truck interiors, Self drilling screws provide efficient, secure interior cladding to steel and aluminium frameworks for body builders.
SFS intec.