Machine Screws

Jet Fitting offers one of the largest selections of Machine Screws anywhere.

Every fastener distributor is going to carry Machine Screws. It's something you almost take for granted. But look closely and you might be amazed at everything that is available:

  • From Miniature to Massive:  Diameters 0-80 thru 1/2-13 and Lengths up to 6 inches

  • 16 Head Styles / 6 Drive Types:  This includes serrated heads that are available on certain pan, truss and hex washer head screws. Recess types include six-lobe, pozi and square recess.

  • 5 Different Materials:  Stainless (18-8, 316 and 410), Nylon plus an immense Steel screw inventory.

  • 6 Different Finishes for Steel Screws:  Jet Fitting provides Zinc Clear, Zinc Black, Zinc Yellow, Zinc Green, Nickel and Black Oxide. Plus, don't forget our Stainless Steel machine screws with Black Oxidie Finish.

  • Metric & Military Grade:  Jet Fitting's variety extends to carrying machine screws to key DIN, ISO, and JIS specifications. All military-grade screws are domestic and come with full certifcation at no charge.

Jet Fitting has over 10,000 varieties of machine screws that can ship to you today. That's the selection and service you simply won't find anywhere else.

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